A Way To See

There is so much I’d like to share with those who wish to have a more peaceful and connected world, where our children can live safely and grow creatively.

It is late now, so I can just start by saying that I truly appreciate the gift of life, and I think the message has to be passed on to all people everywhere, no matter what their outer or inner struggles, that life is a sacred gift, and one to be cherished.

I am coming from a place of positivity, despite losing my parents to cancer at an early age. I often wonder how my children would have interacted with those wonderful grandparents they never met.

I see how easily life is debased in war, in famine and even for financial gain. I notice how difficult it is, especially for younger people, to have faith in the unfolding of life, to mistake temporary darkness for a complete blackout.  I think there is a world of wisdom to be encountered and passed on, and deep within me, I believe in a new dawn, where the bewilderment is overcome by enlightenment….but these things always start close to home.


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